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An online community to join the bars and barhoppers of Chicago. A low-maintenance site that is a well oiled machine, Barhop is an interactive portal to find the bars you love in the city and suburbs. Although the site's owners admit it is vastly unutilized and its potential is still yet to be unlocked, traffic is still there and information is still being utilized. Email services are set up as well as automatically generated SEO. Ad space is able to be purchased with a self-service portal to generate revenue.

The Jenny Challenge

Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Jenny Challenge runners make it their goal to beat 100 miles of running. Staying healthy and fit during the holidays is especially challenging, but lets you track your mileage every year, interact with other runners, and find organized runs throughout the holiday season. The challenge is free, but runners are encouraged to donate to the charity designated (different every year) to help a cause.

Welcome to the Pond! This daily deal site is more like an advertising platform for small businesses in the Chicago area and nationally. Instead of the consumer buying the deal and paying for it in full, they only pay $2. This allows the consumer to not waste money if they let the deal sit in the dresser past expiration, and allows businesses to gain more exposure by offering deals for less. If the consumer redeems the deal, they pay the rest at that point and everybody wins! Using Magento eCommerce framework, employees have a full range of login, tracking and creating capabilities.

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